Purpose of Visionary Women Brazil


In a globalized world where information flows at an unreachable speed and the evolution of the way of doing business is constant, having a good networking is fundamental, always being where the good deals happen and where the great opportunity is present if it is necessary. In order to unite women who make it happen,

women who are ahead of their time, with ideas, projects, companies and businesses, Visionary Women Brazil comes to be the link between new clients, partners, with the goal of providing better business.

For that we are the missing arm in this female market, we will always bring the best, for lectures and workshops, and we will hold the best events in this segment.

Purpose of Visionary Women Brazil
Purpose of Visionary Women Brazil

Social role


Visionary Women Brazil, aims to collaborate with social projects in the feminine area. We have as our mission to give back to the universe what we have gained. So every year we will have a selection of projects focused on the universe of women and we will collaborate in every possible way.

MV Press

Press office

The Press Office is one of the most important tools of business communication.

MVPress, a media arm of the Visionary Women Brazil, expands this concept through a 360º approach, which includes the pillars of image, branding and social responsibility, ensuring that the actions developed by our clients translate into information that generates not only business, but also social value, impacting the scope of its performance, strengthening its positioning, recognition and fundraising.

Purpose of Visionary Women Brazil

Those who hire us are obstinate and ambitious leaders who think and act with social sensitivity and disruptive instinct; share our passion for results and are prepared to generate business, impact the market and make their mark on the world. Know some of our solutions:

Press Office: Creation of media content for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and web.

Collabs: Collaborations with market partners elevate the brand’s prestige, reach and brand awareness in an organic way, bringing more results. Our task is to identify these opportunities – and especially to make them happen!

ONG Support: Our Specialized Third Sector team helps transform your vision of a better world into organized, legal and sustainable action! From the opening consultation of a Non-Government Organization to the insertion of projects in Tax Incentive Laws, our specialized Support joins you in the journey for a better world!

Media Training: Optimization of the capacity of companies, ONGs and leaders to interact with partners and opinion makers at events or in relationship encounters.

Strategic Relationship: Closer relationship with authorities, public figures, opinion formers, influencers and public power.

Social Media: Creation of content, engagement, professionalization and greater visibility in digital platforms.

Our clients

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Instituto Valquirias
Viviane Furrier
Miss Pink
Na Mídia

On Media

Know all about visionary women in every possible media vehicle.

Na Mídia

On Media

saiba tudo que estão falando sobre as mulheres visionárias em todos os veículos de mídia possíveis.


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